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Mission Hospital in Malang

Town: Malang
District: East Java
Region: Java
Location: Malang is in East Java. The mission hospital was on Soekoen, in the southwestern part of the city.
From 23 March 1942 to 01 February 1943 this location served as a prisoner of war camp >>
Internees: prisoners of war
Number of internees: 500
Information: One section of the large hospital complex on Soekoen was used in March 1942 to intern Moluccan and some Menadonese and Timorese prisoners of war. In July those military personnel who were made into heihos by the Japanese were freed. The rest, about 250 prisoners, were taken to Keloet Street. The hospital was thereafter, until 1 February 1943, a regular camp hospital for prisoners of war in Malang.
Guards: Japanese military personnel, Koreans