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14th Battalion's Encampment in Buitenzorg

Town: Buitenzorg
District: West Java
Region: Java
Location: Buitenzorg (now Bogor) is situated on West Java, approximately 50 kilometres from Batavia (Jakarta). The 14th Battalion infantry encampment was on Grote Postweg/Bataviase Weg, in the northern part of the city.
From March 1942 this location served as a prisoner of war camp >>
Internees: prisoners of war
Number of internees: 150
Information: In the first weeks after the capitulation of March 8th 1942, 150 Dutch prisoners of war were housed at the 14th Battalion infantry encampment. It’s possible that they were put to work restoring the Semplak airfield, northwest of Buitenzorg, in May and June.

From 17 October 1945 to November 1945 this location served as a relief camp >>
Internees: men, women, and children
Number of internees: 1.500
Information: The British-Indies military personnel who freed and occupied Buitenzorg bivouacked in the barracks of the 14th Battalion Infantry. The camp also functioned as a relief camp for ex-detainee men and boys from Buitenzorg (the Pledang prison and the Saint Vincent Boys' Home) and for men, women and children from Soekaboemi. From the 14th Battalion they were taken to Kedoenghalang, elsewhere in Buitenzorg.