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7th Battalion's Encampment in Magelang

Town: Magelang
District: Central Java
Region: Java
Location: Magelang is situated in Central Java. The 7th Batallion's encampment was in the northeast of the city.
From 22 November 1945 to 1946 this location served as a republican camp >>
Internees: men and boys
Number of internees: 321
Information: In November 1945, 300 boys and men from in and around Magelang were imprisoned at the 7th Battalion’s encampment. In January 1946 they were joined by 35 boys and men who had been interned at the prison in Magelang. At the beginning of February the camp housed 195 Indo-Europeans, 72 Ambonese, 31 Menadonese, and 23 Timorese. Later in 1946 the 7th Battalion’s encampment held the boys and men who had previously been interned at the 2nd Battalion’s encampment. There was little or no furniture in the 7th Battalion’s encampment. The men and boys slept on the ground. Food was insufficient: the inmates received corn twice a day and rice once, with some vegetables, in total amounting to 150 grams of rice and corn per person per day. Woodcutters, kitchen personnel, and those doing general chores were given double portions. They obtained extra food by trading with the guards and by trading woks they made from empty gasoline vats. There was running water. The toilets were good. Some of the men and boys had edema or dysentery. Roll call was held at least twice a day and sometimes in the night. At the end of 1946 a portion of the internees were evacuated to Batavia. The remaining men and boys were taken to the Hoofdwacht, elsewhere in Magelang.
Camp leaders: P.K. Anthonijsz