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East-Indies camps ( Indische kamparchieven ENG )


2nd Battalion's Encampment in Magelang

Town: Magelang
District: Central Java
Region: Java
Location: Magelang is situated in Central Java. The 2nd Battalion's encampment was in the northeast of the city.
From 1945 to 1946 this location served as a republican camp >>
Internees: men
Number of internees: 200
Number of deceased: None
Information: At the end of 1945, approximately 200 men and boys who had been interned at the Kaderschool, elsewhere in Magelang, were locked up at the 2nd Battalion’s encampment. They were housed in military dormitories and slept on cots. There were mattresses. Food consisted of one scoop of cooked corn without salt or sugar, three times per day, with some vegetables at the midday meal. Woodcutters, kitchen personnel, and those doing general chores received a double portion. On Sundays, family members could deliver food. They did not have nearly enough clothing, because they had traded clothing for food. The toilets were good and were cleaned daily. Many fell ill with edema, dysentery, and wound infections. Roll call was held at least twice a day, sometimes also in the night. In 1946, the boys and men were taken to the 7th Battalion’s encampment, which was next to the 2nd Battalion’s encampment.
Camp leaders: P.K. Anthonijsz; M.P. Jamin