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Camp 7 in Rantauprapat

Town: Rantauprapat
District: Eastcoast of Sumatra
Region: Sumatra
Location: Rantauprapat is approximately 300 kilometres south of Medan (East-Sumatra). Approximately 8 kilometres west of Rantauprapat was a mainly uncultivated plantation terrain of the Cultuur Maatschappij Si Ringo Ringo.
From 06 October 1945 to 30 October 1945 this location served as a relief camp >>
Internees: men
Number of internees: 360
Information: After a boys’ barracks was destroyed and several other buildings badly damaged by a wind in Camp Si Rengorengo on 25 September 1945, 200 boys were temporarily housed in a barracks near Rantauprapat. On October 6th theyw ere transferred to three temporary coolie shelters on the road to Rantauprapat (Camp 7). Those men and boys from Si Rengorengo who had not yet been evacuated with their families from Aek Pamienke to Medan were also taken there. Despite the great amounts of rain, it was dry in the barracks. People slept on baleh-balehs. There was a refectory in the camp where the people could eat at tables. The food, which came from a new kitchen, was good. There was a clinic and there was a football field. During that month, a transport left almost daily taking several dozen men and boys to Medan. At the beginning of November, the evacuation of all the ex-internees was complete.