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Java Bank in Tandjoengbalei

Town: Tandjoengbalei
District: Eastcoast of Sumatra
Region: Sumatra
Location: Tangjoengbalei was approximately 175 kilometres east of Medan (East-Sumatra) on the coastal road. The Javasche Bank was on Bankstraat in the city center.
From 23 March 1942 to 18 November 1942 this location served as a civilian camp >>
Internees: women and children
Number of internees: 13
Number of deceased: None
Information: On July 18th 1942, those “European” women and children still in Tandjoengbalei were locked up in the Asahan Hotel, the Javasche Bank building, and the boarding house at the Roman Catholic Dutch-Chinese School. The buildings were surrounded by barbed wire. In November the 70 women and children from the Asahan Hotel were transferred to Poelaubrajan ABC, and afterward the 13 women and children from the Javasche Bank were taken to the Asahan Hotel.
Commendant: Cato
Guards: Native police personnel
Literature: Dijk, F.N.J. van, Noord-Sumatra in oorlogstijd. Oorspronkelijke dagboeken uit interneringstijd chronologisch samengevoegd (Makkum 1995)