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Wingfoot in Rantauprapat

Town: Rantauprapat
District: Eastcoast of Sumatra
Region: Sumatra
Location: Rantauprapat is approximately 300 kilometres south of Medan (East-Sumatra). Wingfoot, a rubber plantation of The Goodyear Rubber Plantations Company, was approximately 20 kilometres east of Rantauprapat.
From 23 August 1945 to November 1945 this location served as a ex-Japanese camp >>
Internees: ill internees
Information: There was a small hospital at the Wingfoot rubber plantation, which continued to function under the care of several Dutch doctors during the Japanese occupation. Medical care was provided there for the native population and for seriously ill people from the camps in and around Rantauprapat. From the beginning of September it was possible for family members or missionaries to visit the patients by riding along when sick people were transported. In the second half of October 1945, the camp was cleared in several transports. The sick people were taken by Red Cross car to Rantauprapat and from there by train to Medan.
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