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Talangbetoetoe in Palembang

Town: Palembang
District: Palembang
Region: Sumatra
Location: Palembang is in East-Sumatra. The Talangbetoetoe airfield was approximately 15 kilometres north of Palembang.
From [August 1944] to [August 1945] this location served as a prisoner of war camp >>
Other name: Kenten, Palembang I
Internees: prisoners of war
Information: In the fall of 1943, prisoners of war and romushas from Java were put to work laying two new airfields in remote, partially forested locations in the Palembang area: Betoeng/Ketiau and Pangkalanbalei. These airfields would be replacements for the Palembang I (Talangbetoetoe or Kenten) and II (Peraboemoelih), which were known to the Allies. The airfield near Pangkalanbalei was completed in August 1944. Some of the prisoners of war were then sent to be put to work at the existing Talangbetoetoe airfield.

From August 1945 to November 1945 this location served as a ex-Japanese camp >>
Other name: Kenten, Palembang I
Internees: prisoners of war
Number of internees: 908
Information: On September 5th 1945, a reconnaissance group from the Insulinde Corps, led by Lieutenant W.H. van Eek, was dropped at the Talangbetoetoe airport. At that moment there were 372 Dutch, 479 English, and 57 Australian ex-prisoners of war in the work camp next to the airfield. The sick were taken away first, and in mid-September a medical team arrived, led by Captain A.W. Fordyce. At the end of September the evacuation of the English and Australian prisoners of war to Singapore was completed, and in November the camp was entirely cleared.