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Hospital Harrisons & Crosfield in Pematangsiantar

Town: Pematangsiantar
District: Eastcoast of Sumatra
Region: Sumatra
Location: Pematangsiantar is approximately 120 kilometres south of Medan (East-Sumatra). The Harrisons & Crosfield Hospital was on a large plot on Wilhelminastraat.
From April 1942 to June 1942 this location served as a relief camp >>
Internees: women and children
Information: The Harrisons & Crosfield Hospiptal in Pematangsiantar served during the first months of the occupation as a relief camp for family members of native KNIL military personnel who had been taken as prisoners of war. The camp was guarded by 25 Dutch 'assistant policemen'. After the majority of the native prisoners of war had been set free, the camp was abandoned in June. The remaining prisoners were interned in Lawesigalagala.
Guards: Dutch assistant police officers