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Big Prison in Sragen

Town: Sragen
District: Central Java
Region: Java
Location: Sragen is situated to the northwest of Soerakarta (Central Java). The big prison was in a fort on the road to Ngawi, approximately 2 kilometres east of the center of Sragen.
From 04 December 1945 to 31 January 1946 this location served as a republican camp >>
Other name: Strafgevangenis Modjo
Internees: men
Number of internees: 150
Number of deceased: 1
Information: In December 1945, men and boys who had been formerly interned in Salatiga were taken to the prison for those serving long sentences, a former Dutch fort with double walls. They stayed in four overcrowded spaces which they shared with bedbugs. They could not go outside. They slept on mats on the ground. There was not enough food and what there was was of poor quality. Breakfast consisted of boiled corn or ketela, and for lunch and dinner they were given a bit of rice with boiled ketela leaves. There was enough drinking water but they could not wash themselves. In the corner of each hall a barrel served as a toilet. Each inmate had only the clothes he wore and two extra sets; the rest was taken away upon arrival. The truck carrying their baggage they had brought with them inter internment never arrived. Dysentery broke out, but there was no medical care. One elderly man died of dysentery. At the end of January 1946 the men and boys were transferred to Camp Langenhardjo in Soerakarta.