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Friars' School in Soerabaja

Town: Soerabaja
District: East Java
Region: Java
Location: Soerabaja is on East Java, opposite the island of Madoera. The Roman Catholic HBS with its boarding house for boys, called the Brother School, was on Coen Boulevard, in the city’s southeast.
From 14 March 1942 to 22 November 1942 this location served as a prisoner of war camp >>
Other name: Boulevard-kamp
Internees: prisoners of war
Number of internees: 500
Information: From March 1942, prisoners of war from eastern Java were interned in the boarding house and outbuildings at the Brother School. The camp was encircled with barbed wire. Prisoners of war who fell ill were taken to the Central Civilian Medical Center elsewhere in Soerabaja. In October approximately 285 prisoners of war were taken to the Glodok prison in Batavia. In November the rest of the prisoners of war were taken to the Jaarmarkt Camp in Soerabaja.
Commendant: lt. Kurashima Hideichi
Main guards: Mori; Ito; Kobayashi
Guards: Japanese military personnel, Koreans
Literature: Sinninghe Damsté, J.S., Advocaat-soldaat: oorlogsherinneringen (Amsterdam 1999)