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Batoe Satoe in Tandjoengbalei

Town: Tandjoengbalei
District: Eastcoast of Sumatra
Region: Sumatra
Location: Tangjoengbalei was approximately 175 kilometres east of Medan (East-Sumatra) on the coastal road. Batoe Satoe was a sports terrain on the southeast edge of Tandjoengbalei.
From 12 February 1943 to 25 April 1945 this location served as a civilian camp >>
Internees: women and children
Number of internees: 180
Number of deceased: 2
Information: In mid-February 1943, the women and children who had been interned in the school boarding house and in the Asahan Hotel were transferred to a new barracks camp on the Batoe Satoe sporting grounds. The camp barracks of wood and atap were surrounded by barbed wire and gedek. At the end of April 1945, this camp was cleared and the residents taken to Aek Pamienke 1, after 10 boys were taken in mid-December to Si Rengorengo in Rantauprapat.
Commendant: Cato
Guards: Native police personnel, heihos
Camp leaders: mw. Queck
Literature: Dijk, F.N.J. van, en T. Zwaanswijk, Noord-Sumatra in oorlogstijd. Oorspronkelijke dagboeken uit interneringstijd chronologisch samengevoegd (Makkum 1997)