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East-Indies camps ( Indische kamparchieven ENG )


Radiostraatje in Tarakan

Town: Tarakan
District: Southeastern region of Borneo
Region: Borneo
Location: Tarakan is situated on the island of Tarakan, off the east coast of Borneo.
From 27 February 1942 to [12 October 1943] this location served as a civilian camp >>
Internees: women and children
Number of internees: 64
Information: At the end of February 1942, the women and children who had been interned on the infantry grounds were rehoused to Radiostraatje, to six small under-officers' houses, probably on the grounds of the artillery encampment. Women and children from Malinau and Teloek Bajoer were also sent there. At the end of November the camp was enlarged by the addition of several houses. In October 1943 the women were moved to former police houses near Lingkas.