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Ziekenzorg Hospital/Boemi Camp in Soerakarta/Solo

Town: Soerakarta/Solo
District: Central Java
Region: Java
Location: Soerakarta (Solo) is situated northeast of Djokjakarta (Central Java). The health care complex was on Mangkoeboemenweg, in the northwest of the city.
From November 1944 to 15 June 1945 this location served as a civilian camp >>
Other name: Ziekenzorg II
Internees: women and children
Number of internees: 4.064
Information: From November 1943, the walled pavillions at the Ziekenzorg Hospital functioned as an internment camp for women and children from East Java. Because of increasing lack of space, the camp was fused with the adjoining Boemi Camp in November 1944. The Boemi Camp comprised a main building with clinics and fifteen wood-and-bamboo barracks. It served as a camp until October 1944. The connection between the two camps was a narrow walkway running along the home of the Japanese commandant and the guards’ accommodations. This was referred to by the internees as the Strait of Dover. By the end of May and early June 1945 both camps were cleared and the internees taken to several camps in Moentilan, Ambarawa, Banjoebiroe en Semarang.
Camp leaders: zr. G. Smid
Literature: Feenstra-Bosman, A.W., Tjihapit Bandoeng, kamp Solo, Lampersari Semarang. Kampdagboek van Anneke Bosman [2002])
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