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Xavier College in Moentilan

Town: Moentilan
District: Central Java
Region: Java
Location: Moentilan is situated between Magelang and Djokjakarta in Central Java. The nunnery and school complex of Xavier College was southeast of Magelang, on the road and steam-tram line to Djokjakarta.
From 27 December 1942 to 22 August 1945 this location served as a civilian camp >>
Other name: Bunsho III Kamp 13
Internees: women and children
Number of internees: 4.515
Number of deceased: 140
Information: In July 1942, many of the priests and friars who were attached to Xavier College and surrounding schools were interned in the encampment of the Machine Gun Battalion in Magelang. From December the cloister and school complex functioned as an internment camp for women, children, and clergy from in and around Magelang. They were assembled in the schools in the upper floors of the Kanisius Foundation. In September and October 1943, around 2,000 women and children related to marine personnel from Soerabaja were interned. They were gathered in the school son the lower floor and in the school for Javanese teachers from the Van Lith Foundation. On October 13th 46 friars from Xavier College were taken to the country estate Kwik Djoen Eng in Salatiga. From November 1943 until March 1944 the Roman Catholic boarding school for girls in Mendoet was an annex to the camp in Xavier College in Moentilan. In mid-1944, the camp in Moentilan also became a collection camp for women and children from camps in Soerakarta, Bandoeng and Ambarawa. At the beginning of August 1945, all of the internees were taken from Moentilan to the camps Ambarawa 6 and 7 and camps in Banjoebiroe.
Commendant: Sakai Sadao; Ueda
Main guards: Yokoyama; Hayakawa Zenjiro; Makino; Shiraishi; Ito; Ichiai; Katsumoto; Kanemitsu; Iwamoto; Tanaka; Kaneda; Kanemoto; Tsuyama; Hayashi; Ito; Matsuyama; Tokuyama Shutoku; Matsumura; Amamoto; Kanno; Higashihara; Nishimura; Soeardjo
Guards: Native police personnel, heihos
Camp leaders: mw. B. Bueninck-Schot; mw. J.H. Bussing-Wildbergh
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