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Wonoredjo in Kediri

Town: Kediri
District: East Java
Region: Java
Location: Kediri is situated on East Java, southeast of Madioen. Wonoredjo was approximately 10 kilometres southeast of Kediri.
From April 1946 to 06 July 1946 this location served as a republican camp >>
Internees: men and boys
Number of internees: 260
Information: In April 1946, boys and men who had earlier been interned at Soekorame were taken to three large planters’ residences in Wonoredjo. The homes were named Blocks A, B, and C, and were encircled by a wooden fence. Food came from a communal kitchen in Block C. The internees received 300 grams of rice per person per day, plus soybeans and sometimes a bit of meat. There was one well and one toilet per block. There was also a primitive latrine over a creek. Spiritual care was provided by the pastors Klooster, Wessels and Van Megen. At the beginning of July groups of men and boys were taken to the Minggiran men’s camp near Kediri and to Petjinan, near Toeloengagoeng.
Camp leaders: R.C.F. Bezoet de Bie