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East-Indies camps ( Indische kamparchieven ENG )


Tent-camp in Laboean

Town: Laboean
District: British Northern Borneo
Region: Borneo
Location: Laboean is an island off the west coast of Northern Borneo.
From September 1945 to 1946 this location served as a relief camp >>
Internees: men, women, and children
Information: A tent-camp was established on Laboean close to the beach to hold men, women, and children from camp Batu Lintang near Kuching. There were field cots in the tents. An extensive medical investigation determined whether each person could return to the Dutch East Indies or had to be sent to Europe. A number of monks, priests, and nuns left for Pontianak on 8 December, 1946 to return to their missionary post.