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STOVIL in Ambon-Stad

Town: Ambon-Stad
District: Ambon
Region: Moluccas
Location: Ambon-city is on Ambon Island, on the north coast of the southern peninsula of Leitimor, on Ambon Bay. The STOVIL was on Verlengde Hatiwestraat, in the southeastern part of the city.
From 28 February 1942 to 28 December 1942 this location served as a civilian camp >>
Internees: men, women, and children
Number of internees: 500
Number of deceased: 12
Information: At the end of February 1942, the interned men, women and children in the Bos Camp (Forest Camp) were taken to the four classrooms at the School of Education for Inland Teachers (STOVIL) in Ambon City. The classrooms - three of them 6 x 10 and one 8 x 25 metres - were arranged along three sides of an open field, and on the fourth side was the Bay of Ambon. On classroom was set up as an infirmary. There were showers and toilets in outbuildings. The open field was used for church services. The school was surrounded with high barbed wire, and on October 2nd a tall wooden fence was added. The camp was a general collection camp for “European” internees from all of the Moluccas and New Guinea. At the end of 1942 the internees were transferred to separate men’s and women’s wings at the Tantoei encampment on Ambon.
Commendant: Hatagyama; Tetsuka; Ogushi; Nakano; Tzune Tomisawa
Guards: Native police personnel
Camp leaders: mw. J.C. Valderpoort-Wierts van Coehoorn
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