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East-Indies camps ( Indische kamparchieven ENG )


Schools in Parepare

Town: Parepare
District: South and southeast Celebes
Region: Celebes
Location: Parepare is situated approximately 130 kilometres north of Makassar, on the west coast of southern Celebes (Sulawesi).
From 24 August 1945 to September 1945 this location served as a relief camp >>
Internees: men and boys
Number of internees: 625
Information: From 24 August 1945, camp Bolong was cleared and the ex-internees taken en masse to two school buildings in Parepare. The schools were opposite the infantry encampment, which had functioned during the Japanese occcupation as an internment camp. There was an abundance of food, and also coffee and tobacco. The sick were taken to the hospital. The ex-internees were taken from Parepare to Makassar. On September 16th, the evacuation was complete.
Camp leaders: ds. A. Bikker