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East-Indies camps ( Indische kamparchieven ENG )


Temporary Camp in Raha

Town: Raha
District: South and southeast Celebes
Region: Celebes
Location: Raha is situated on the east coast of the island of Moena in southeast Celebes (Sulawesi).
From 11 September 1944 to 16 August 1945 this location served as a prisoner of war camp >>
Internees: prisoners of war
Number of internees: 440 (approximately)
Number of deceased: 174 (at least)
Information: From October 1944 to August 1945, there was an emergency camp on the island of Moena for prisoners of war who had been put to work in the Moluccas and due to allied action could not be taken to Makassar. The camp consisted of a barracks complex between Raha and the government sawmill at the harbour. The prisoners of war were put to work in the sawmill. Many fell ill and many died of beri-beri and dysentery. On April 13th, July 28th, and August 16th, groups of prisoners of war left to travel via Badjoa and Watampone to the Mariso camp near Makassar. At least 174 prisoners died at Raha and during these transports to Makassar, this after 306 internees died on the Maros Maru on the way from Ambon to Raha.
Commendant: kpt. Shiozawa
Camp leaders: maj. L.N. Gibson; lt. A.P. de Haan
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