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East-Indies camps ( Indische kamparchieven ENG )


KPM Camp in Tjilatjap

Town: Tjilatjap
District: Central Java
Region: Java
Location: Tjilatjap is situated on the south coast of Central Java. The KPM yard was in the southwestern part of the city.
From [15 March 1942] to [June 1942] this location served as a prisoner of war camp >>
Internees: prisoners of war
Number of deceased: 80 (all Tjilatjap camps)
Information: In the first weeks after the KNIL capitulation, KNIL military personnel were interned in a yard of the KPM at the Tjilatjap harbour. There were probably also British and Australian prisoners of war there, as well as KPM personnel and people working in the harbour and shipping.