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Houses in Soë

Town: Soë
District: Timor
Region: Lesser Soenda Islands
Location: Soe is in the southwestern part of Timor.
From February 1942 to 30 August 1943 this location served as a civilian camp >>
Internees: men, women, and children
Number of internees: 106
Number of deceased: 2 (at least)
Information: In December 1941, an evacuation camp was built under Dutch authority near Soë, to hold women and children from Koepang, Atamboea and the rest of West Timor. After Japanese occupied Timor at the end of February 1942, the “European” women and children were interned in several houses in Soë. In the following months civilian internees from all of West Timor and Dili were collected and interned in Soë. The collection camp consisted of a house for the women and children and a house for the men and older boys. On August 30th 1943, the 20 men, 61 women (including 44 nuns), and 25 children were taken to Makassar via Koepang. After their arrival in Makassar on September 10th, the women and children were taken to Kampili and the men and boys to Parepare.
Camp leaders: dhr. Reijntjes
Literature: Valkenburg, R., Djoenkeng owari/Het appèl is afgelopen (Dordrecht 1977-2)