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Bellevue Hotel in Tjilatjap

Town: Tjilatjap
District: Central Java
Region: Java
Location: Tjilatjap is situated on the south coast of Central Java. The Bellevue Hotel was on Resident Marsweg in the south of the city.
From 15 March 1942 to 17 June 1942 this location served as a prisoner of war camp >>
Other name: Hotel Wouters
Internees: prisoners of war
Number of internees: 200
Number of deceased: 6 (at least)
Information: In the first weeks after the KNIL capitulation, British, Australian, and KNIL officers were interned in the Bellevue Hotel (Wouters Hotel) in Tjilatjap. They were housed in the hotel and its outbuildings, which had been damaged by Japanese bombardments. The grounds were encircled with barbed wire. At the beginning of May the Dutch officers were taken to the infantry encampment elsewhere in Tjilatjap. The British and Australian officers were taken in June to Tjimahi.
Guards: Japanese military personnel
Camp leaders: kol. P. Scholten
Literature: Scholten, P., Op reis met de 'Special party'. Oorlogs- en kampherinneringen van P. Scholten (Leiden 1971)