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Prison in Sambas

Town: Sambas
District: Western region of Borneo
Region: Borneo
Location: Sambas is situated in the western part of Borneo, northeast of Singkawang.
From 13 May 1942 to [12 July 1942] this location served as a civilian camp >>
Internees: men and women
Number of internees: 25
Number of deceased: 1
Information: On January 27th, 1942, the Japanese occupied Sambas. For convenience, the pastor and the friar were put into the prison for one or two nights, along with a sick clergyman from Sarawak. On May 13th the pastor and the friar brother were again put into the prison, now in the company of the Sisters of Recollectinen from Etten from the mission station. To this group were added in June some men and women from the surrounding areas of Sambas. On July 12th the internees were taken by bus to Pemangkat, with the intention of transporting them further by boat to camp Batu Lintang near Kuching.
Literature: Böhm, A.H., West Borneo 1940 - Kalimantan Barat 1950 ([Tilburg] [1984])