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Controller's house in Pangoeroeran

Town: Pangoeroeran
District: Tapanoeli
Region: Sumatra
Location: Pangoeroeran is on the west coast of Samosir island in Lake Toba (North-Sumatra).
From 20 March 1942 to 04 April 1942 this location served as a civilian camp >>
Internees: men, women, and children
Number of internees: 31
Number of deceased: None
Information: On 20 March 1942, 31 “Europeans” from the area were collected into the home of dhr. Bruin, controller of Pangoeroeran. They comprised 12 men and 19 women and children. On April 4th they were taken to the Central Hospital of the Siantar Doctor Fund in Pematangsiantar.
Guards: None
Camp leaders: dhr. Bruin