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Hephata Colony for the Blind in Balige

Town: Balige
District: Tapanoeli
Region: Sumatra
Location: Balige is on the south shore of Lake Toba, approximately 75 kilometres northeast of Sibolga (North-Sumatra). The Hephata Colony for the Blind was near the Hoetasalem leprosy hospital of the Rhenish Missionary Society, approximately 12 kilometres east of Balige.
From 30 June 1942 to 13 December 1942 this location served as a civilian camp >>
Internees: women and children
Number of internees: 100
Number of deceased: None
Information: The “Europeans” in Balige and a wide surrounding area - 80 women and children, 20 men - were interned from 14 May 1942 in the Balige prison. On June 30th the women and children were taken to the Hephata colony for the blind, where they were housed in residential barracks surrounded with barbed wire. On 13 December they went to Camp Poelaubrajan ABC near Medan.
Commendant: kpt. Ono; kpt. Kondo
Guards: Native volunteers
Camp leaders: J.J. van de Velde