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East-Indies camps ( Indische kamparchieven ENG )


Bataan in Djember

Town: Djember
District: East Java
Region: Java
Location: Djember is situated to the south of Malang (East Java). Bataan was approximately 15 kilometres northeast of Djember.
From December 1945 to May 1946 this location served as a republican camp >>
Internees: women and children
Information: In December 1945, the women and children who had been interned at the Nunnery school in Djember were transferred to a number of buildings of the Djelboek Tobacco Company near Bataän. The buildings were partly surrounded with a wall, partly with gedek. In May 1946, the women and children were taken to Camp Kotok.

From May 1946 to December 1946 this location served as a republican camp >>
Internees: men
Number of internees: 302
Number of deceased: 1
Information: From May 1946, the buildings of the Djelboek Tobacco Company near Bataän functioned as a republican camp for men and older boys. There was no furniture, no electric light, and very few mosquito nets or straw bed pallets. Most of the boys and men slept on the ground. A soup kitchen provided 200 grams of rice, 140 grams of vegetables, 30 grams of soy beans and 25 grams of sugar per person per day. There was not enough water, nor enough toilets. The internees could bathe at the well, and latrines had been set up above a creek outside. The camp was not visited by a doctor, but there were medicines and one of the internees was a nurse. The sick were taken into an infirmary, the seriously ill transported to the hospital in Djember. For recreation, there were a sport field, a horizontal bar, and rings. The internees could send letters to family in Camp Kotok. Sometimes at night they secretly visited Camp Kotok. On September 9th the camp was visited by a representative of the Red Cross. At that time one group of men and boys had already been evacuated to Semarang, and following evacuations took place between October and December.
Camp leaders: J.D. Belle