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East-Indies camps ( Indische kamparchieven ENG )


Bandoengan in Pakong

Town: Pakong
District: East Java/Madoera
Region: Java
Location: Pakong is on Madoera, west of Soemenep. The village of Bandoengan was approximately a kilometre south of Pakong.
From 10 June 1946 to 20 December 1946 this location served as a republican camp >>
Internees: men, women, and children
Number of internees: 80
Information: On 10 June 1946, all of the people interned on the island of Madoera were brought together into three sheds in Bandoengan. One shed held the people from the Pamakasan prison, another the people from the secondary school in Pamekasan, and the third held those from the Van Duijne Hotel in Soemenep. They were permitted to walk freely within a 5 kilometre radius of the camp. The sheds’ roofs leaked, and there was not enough food. On the 19th of December, a government commission visited the camp under the leadership of Captain H.L.A. van de Wall Bake, and it was decided to evacuate the camp. The next day all of the internees were taken to Kalianget by truck, where they had a meal in the clubhouse. At 18:00 they left by boat for Soerabaja, where they arrived at 09:30 the next morning and were held in a building belonging to the Dutch-Indies Medical School.