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The website Indischekamparchieven.nl is a publication of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) in collaboration with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT, historical maps) and the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV, photographs and drawings). The site was developed by De Ree Archiefsystemen.


Full copyright is expressly reserved with regard to all documents accessible via the website Indischekamparchieven.nl. All rights to the database, the format, the meta data and the digital images and texts rests with De Ree Archiefsystemen, the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation and/or the organizations that own or possess the object on which the digital image is based.


Reproduction of (a part of) this publication with the (apparent) intention to publish or exploit it is allowed only after permission has been obtained from the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation.

Digital images require permission from the owner or holder/possessor of the object on which the digital image is based. Conditions may be attached to this permission.

Reproduction in the form of prints or machine-readable copies is permitted in case they remain restricted to a few copies and are intended exclusively for personal exercises, study or use.

In case pages on the website Indischekamparchieven.nl are referred to via hyperlinks or otherwise, these pages need to remain recognizable as such.


The Netherlands Institute for War documentation and the participating organizations will make an effort to agree in writing regarding the conditions for use of the digital texts and images with all entitled parties. Sometimes this is not possible, because the address of one or more entitled parties or beneficiaries cannot be traced.

If anyone thinks he/she is entitled in any way to texts or digital objects published on Indischekamparchieven.nl, please report this to the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation. Given the cultural, social and non-commercial objective of this site it is not possible to pay a compensation for the publication and consultation of the provided material.


With this site Indischekamparchieven.nl the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) wants to make the cultural heritage widely accessible. The cultural heritage also includes images and texts that may be offensive in the eyes of some people. Despite the constant care and attention we pay to the content of the website, the information published on Indischekamparchieven.nl may sometimes be incomplete. Publishing it is, however, in no way intended to hurt anyone in his or her religious, political, human or social sentiments.

The Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) and the other participants exclude any and all liability for any direct or indirect damages, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from or in any way linked to the use of information found through Indischekamparchieven.nl, or to any temporary impossibility to consult Indischekamparchieven.nl.